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About us

Geidy's Closet Boutique was founded in 2011 by doing strictly online sales and endless weekends of hosting fashion parties. We grew pretty fast in that year and the following,  which forced us to open our first store on September 22, 2012 in Palm Spring North. Our grand opening celebration was a success and our loyal customers grew by the thousands. Since then, a few years late we have opened a store in South Miami and Miami Springs. Recently in the summer of 2016, we have sold all the stores and decided to dedicate 100% to our online store. With less overhead we can pass the savings to our loyal customer and still provide them the same quality of clothes, and excellent customer service they have come to expect from us.  
My name is Jose Rodriguez, founder of Geidys Closet Boutique. Geidy is my beautiful wife and models most of our collection. Throughout my relationship with my wife I can't tell you how often she hears compliments from total strangers on " I Love what your wearing"!   Geidy has a great sense for fashion and our entire collection is handpicked by her.  If she doesn't love it we don't sell it. It's really easy selling what you love.  So I decided, a long time ago, to cash in on my beautiful wife's taste and fashion sense, so far it has worked out great. Now, when my wife gets complimented on an outfit, I hand them my business card. We hope you too love our collection of trendy style, good quality and great pricing.